Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The waiting game

A few months ago we were told that this year would most likely be Dominic's last year in a general education classroom. This was something I knew was coming but was not ready to hear yet. His processing abilities really slow him down and that mixed with the pace of a general education class are starting to leave him far behind his peers. Unfortunately we are looking at not only moving to a full time special education classroom but we will most likely have to be changing schools. He has been in this school since kindergarten with the same kids. Socially the general ed class has done wonders for him and even academically he has made strides. He read me a whole book the other night and math is starting to click with him as well. The kid who I was told would never talk or even write without an electronic device has come so far already and I know he is going to go farther. I was told he is going to be administered an IQ test and be observed to help decide what type of class setting would be most beneficial for him and his needs. So last month he was put through testing, I was told I will not be given the results of his testing and what type of placement he needs until our next IEP meeting in January. I hate their waiting game and I hate that they know where he is at academically but I am not allowed to have this information until the beginning of next year. I hate that they are making me wait, this is one of my biggest stresses right now, this change will be huge and take him away from everyone he knows. He is also aware that there will be changes because he is more observant than they give him credit for. I am not sure how he feels about it yet but I also don't think he realizes how big of a change this will be yet. The school system in general drives me insane but the fact that they know where his future is headed and I have to wait to find out just isn't right.

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