Monday, February 15, 2016

To his sweet little brother

Dear Ukiah,

You are barely two years old and you have already made such an impact on his life. 

You are filled with so much love and compassion. Everyday I watch you two together and I am so thankful for you. You are his best friend and his keeper.

You have taught him so much in the little time you have been in this world. He shares toys he normally wouldn't let anyone else touch, he takes the time to try and read your books to you, and even tolerates your slobbery kisses when normally the germs would send him running for the hills. 

He's always on your mind, whether it's a visit to the doctor, hospital, or grocery store. Any sticker or toy you get you always make sure to ask for one for your brother, even if he's not there. The happy dances you dance and the songs you sing when it's time to get him from school warm my heart.

Everyday you are learning from each other. You have taught him so much patience and understanding. He has taught you new words and how to play his games. His face lights up with pride each time he teaches you something new. I feel so lucky to have the two of you as my children. I look forward to watching your bond get even stronger as you guys get older. I spend a lot of time worrying for your brothers future but knowing he'll have you by his side gives me so much hope.