Sunday, October 30, 2016


This year we are extra excited for Halloween. Halloween has always been my favorite holidays but Dominic has always been a little iffy about it. Dressing up has always been fun for him but going to get the costume was always scary with all the noise and things that jump out at you. This is the first year he was excited about going to Spirit, he loved all of the decorations, even the loud scary ones that moved or jumped out at him. This in itself is HUGE progress.

After spending a good 45 minutes looking at all the decorations it was time to pick out costumes. His little brother chose Catboy and I was almost certain Dominic would have also chosen someone from PJ Masks but he had his heart set on being something scary. This was pretty surprising but I went with and took him to the "scary costume" section for kids. They had some pretty awesome stuff and I was surprised he did not choose something zombie related. He finally found something he wanted, I believe it was called a soul taker. Its a hooded costume that covers your face completely. The fact that he chose something that goes over his face was mind blowing to me so I decided to have him try it on because I was pretty sure once he got it over his face he would change his mind. As soon as he put it on and saw himself he LOVED it. I asked him a few times if he was sure he wanted it and he said he was so we bought it.

Once we got home from Spirit it was time to decorate, this is another thing Dominic is not usually too interested in but as soon as we got the stuff out he was right on the front porch with me ready to help. So to recap the kid who was terrified of loud moving decorations, having things on his face, scary costumes, and trick or treating is now doing all of those things. There are no small victories in our house and I'd say these are some pretty great one.

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