Saturday, August 13, 2016

Facing his fears.

As I am sitting here staring at my computer screen trying to think of something to write about it happens. It's a hot day here today so we are hanging out in the backyard trying to catch some relief from the breeze. This is a rare occurrence because Dominic has a major fear of pretty much any kind of bug and we have some pretty active web constructors around here. I convinced him to go play some basketball and then let them run around like crazy men in our sprinkler for a bit. I was certain when the timer (that's right we live and die by the timer here) for the sprinkler went off he would want to go inside but I was wrong.

After he was done playing in the water he decided to play some more basketball and then he raced cars with his brother. This is a pretty great thing because despite the bugs being outside seems to do wonders for his mood. We have not had any outbursts or meltdowns in the last two hours which is HUGE but that is not even the best part. I notice the boys are crouched down in the grass and the seem to be taking turns holding something. I walk over to take a look and it's a BUG! A potato bug to be exact which isn't the least bit scary to most but to Dominic anything with more than four legs can cause massive panic. They spent a good five minutes taking turns holding it and talking about how cute it was. To most this sounds like something pretty minor but I was super proud of him stepping outside of his comfort zone. Every fear or obstacle he overcomes is huge accomplishment in this house and right now I could not be more proud that he picked up befriended that little roly poly.

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