Monday, August 3, 2015

Realizing he's different

Over the past year he has really started to realize he is not like everyone else. He doesn't understand things the way we do, he doesn't react or show emotion the same, and his level of communication is not the same as kids his age. He can talk and they said he never would so that is amazing in itself but he has a hard time with some words and still doesn't know a lot of them either. He is getting better at holding a conversation but his limited know leg of words makes understanding and speaking difficult. All of these things make him noticeably different and being 8 years old he is starting to see it too. There are days when he cries and tells me he doesn't understand things or he doesn't know how to talk, there are days that he hates himself for his differences and it breaks my heart. Most days are good but his hard ones are really hard. I hope that he one day see how amazing he truly is.

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