Saturday, July 18, 2015


Watching Dominic with his brother is an amazing thing. He is his big brother so of course he loves him that's kind of a given, but watching him overcome and deal with things that bother him because it is his brother is heartwarming to see. Ukiah is 18 months old and like most toddlers he gets pretty loud sometimes he hits those certain pitches that really bother Dominic but he tries really hard to not be upset by it. He knocks down blocks when he is stacking them which Dominic has turned into a game to avoid getting upset. Story time can be hectic because he gets stressed out having his things touched but I can see him trying to not be upset or choosing a toy to distract him so he doesn't try and touch them all. He even accepts his slobbery kisses even though it grosses him out. He has come so far and is such an amazing brother 😊

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