Thursday, July 23, 2015

Proud of my kid

Yesterday I took the boy to McDonalds. This doesn't happen often and Dominic was very excited because they currently have the Minion toys. He kept asking me the whole way there if he could get Kevin, this kid knows his Minions. I told him I was not sure which ones they had and we would have to see. We get there and he is looking at them all in the case and he can barely contain himself because he is so excited. Right as I was about to order the food he walks up to the counter leans in towards the lady and says 'so, do you guys have Kevin?" He didn't whisper, he did not ask me to ask her he asked her himself! Not surprisingly she did not know which one Kevin is so I had to explain what he looked like and they did have him so it made his day. I was so proud that he took it upon himself to talk to the worker and was confident in doing so.

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