Tuesday, July 7, 2015

She failed him

Today I got his report card in the mail. He spends part of his time in a general ed classroom and part time in special ed. I've been told eventually he will have to be solely in a special education classroom but I refuse to make that determination right now. Anyway a little background on this year, his kindergarten teacher who he loved had moved to teach second grade. We were so happy to hear that and requested that she be his teacher. Instead he was placed in another teacher’s class. The entire first week was a substitute. After that we learned his teacher would not be coming back and he would have a series of substitutes until they could find someone to fill the position permanently. I immediately requested that he be moved to his old teacher’s classroom for fear of regression and because I knew having different teachers would cause him to shut down completely. I was told no multiple times by the principal, she said that she could not make exceptions for any students because it would make it look like it was okay for anyone to request to change classrooms. I went as far as emailing the superintendent to which I never received a response. They ended up hiring the substitute from the beginning of the year and I was completely uncomfortable with her as a teacher but still my complaints went ignored. She started missing days at a time and he was becoming more and more frustrated every time a new substitute was there. She never left any notes informing the substitutes of his autism. We went in with him every morning to help with his work because if we didn’t he would just sit there or she would have him coloring instead of doing real work. The last week of school she asked us to stop coming in because he would need to learn to come in on his own once he started third grade. There is so much more that I could complain about but this has already turned out to be pretty long so back to the report card, the last quarter of the year he made no progress on his IEP. He has NEVER not made any progress until this year. I believe she absolutely failed him and I am so angry that my concerns went ignored and that he paid for it.

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